Thank you for this beautifully conveyed & timely inspiration Rosamund. Definitely going to put pen to paper to commit to my own Manifesto. My intentions are clear in my heart but my brain gets foggy & easily distracted from my core objectives.

I read ‘The Evaristo Manifesto’ excerpt from her new book ‘Manifesto On Never Giving Up’ just yesterday as a useful reminder on this very subject. Have you seen it?

As for Vitamin D, I always advocate popping in to a Holland & Barrett for their ranges & consistently friendly & knowledgeable staff.

The cheapest, tastiest supplement I’ve found are the MinaVit Blackcurrant gummies at Lidl, though unfortunately not recommended for kids under 12. (I didn’t read the small print & it’s a low dosage from what I can make out).

Most keen to try the ‘Baba West’ range by Zita West & Leonora Bamford for my daughter (www.babawest.co.uk). I’ve trusted Zita’s expertise since the dark early days & years of struggling to conceive & maintain pregnancy.

S x

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Better You Vitamin D is great. The spray is so handy!

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very inspired and affirmed to start anew this September after reading this XX

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