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I’m Rosamund Dean: journalist, author, integrative nutrition health coach and breast cancer survivor on a mission to future-proof my body. Well Well Well is a publication for people who want to be healthier, while also enjoying life.

I’ve written about sleep, stress, spirituality, brain health, bone health, liver health, menopause, mushrooms, fibre, protein, weight loss, time-restricted eating, learning to love exercise and lots more.

I won’t deprive myself of things I love or cut out entire food groups, so this is very much about rejecting perfection in favour of living well in a fun way. I try to make it funny and relatable, as well as useful and practical.

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how to do wellness without being a joyless bore


Rosamund Dean 

Author of Reconstruction: Rebuild Your Body, Mind & Life After Breast Cancer and Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Can Change Your Life 🧡 Also writes about people, culture and wellness for the Times, Telegraph, Grazia, Vogue and Women's Health